A car when you need it.

Matthias Hoene

Matthias Hoene had worked in the software and automotive industries and as a consultant before moving to Chicago with his family a few years ago. It was there that he first encountered car sharing as a Zipcar customer. Back in Germany he was excited about the idea of making car sharing more attractive to everybody, and so he convinced Michael Ohr to build up the first car-on-demand service in Munich together.

Among other things, Mr Hoene is responsible for ZebraMobil’s in-car technology, fleet management and advertising.

Michael Ohr

Michael Ohr met Matthias Hoene at an American software company they both worked for from 2000 onwards. Thereafter, Mr Ohr worked in automotive, management consulting and private equity, before quitting his full-time job in October 2009 in a heartbeat to start his first entrepreneurial venture together with Mr Hoene.

At ZebraMobil, Mr Ohr looks after finances, the website and mobile apps and customer service.