A car when you need it.

ZebraMobil is Car-on-Demand

Many people need a car only from time to time and would like to avoid the hassle of car ownership. At the same time, they still highly value the flexibility and convenience of a private car. They do not want to deal with the disadvantages of other alternative mobility offerings.

ZebraMobil reinvents car sharing and thus meets those demands with an innovative mobility offering which optimally complements other means of transport in cities: Car-on-Demand. At its core, the service comes as close as possible to the flexibility and comfort of a private car – and is a perfect fit for a modern, urban lifestyle.

ZebraMobil is different from conventional car sharing offers in 3 important ways:

With this service, ZebraMobil offers a genuine alternative to private car ownership for the first time. In doing so, ZebraMobil mitigates traffic and parking congestion in urban areas and enables sustainable individual mobility in the future.