A car when you need it.

Your ZebraCard is the master key for all ZebraMobiles. The ZebraCard is a prox card which will be read by a reading device located under the vehicle’s windshield on the driver’s side.

So, in order to pick up a car just hold your ZebraCard in front of the reader. It will then take a brief moment for the system to verify your card online until a welcome message is displayed and the car doors are unlocked.

Now get into the car and make yourself comfortable. Before heading off you just need to take the keyboard from the glove compartment and enter your PIN and press the green button for confirmation. Next, please find the vehicle key in the glove compartment as well, and you are ready to go!

At the end of your trip, please proceed in reverse order: Put the vehicle key back into the glove compartment. After taking everything along that does not belong into the car, please close all windows and doors and from the outside hold your ZebraCard in front of the reader. Accordingly, your return will be confirmed and the car be locked. Your journey is finished.

If you do not wish to finish your trip, but merely stop for a while, just lock and later unlock the car with the key from the outside without holding your ZebraCard onto the reader.