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How can I sign up with ZebraMobil?


How do I find the nearest ZebraMobil?

I cannot find the ZebraMobil at the street number indicated – where can I find it?

How do I start a trip with a ZebraMobil?

How to hold the ZebraCard to the reading device?

The ignition key won't turn – what should I do?

How to fuel the ZebraMobil?

What should I observe in the event of a breakdown or an accident?

What do I have to do in case my ZebraCard gets lost or stolen?

Can I use ZebraMobil outside of Germany?


How do I park the ZebraMobil?

Where am I allowed to park the ZebraMobil?

Sometimes it’s really hard to find a parking space – what should I do then?


How much does ZebraMobil cost?

Is there a concession on longer trips?

Are there any special offers for business customers?

Terms of use and insurance

Do you offer any rental insurance?

Can the insurance deductible be reduced?

I’ve got a credit card rental insurance; can I pay by credit card?

Is there a minimum age?


How does ZebraMobil differ from DriveNow?

Which cars does ZebraMobil offer?

Is it possible to go on one-way trips with ZebraMobil?

In what way is Car-on-Demand sustainable?