A car when you need it.

Now you can also pay by credit card!

Why ZebraMobil?

ZebraMobil reinvents car sharing. Thus it is the ideal alternative to private car ownership: only use it when you need it. Spontaneously pick it up anytime – and park the vehicle for free like a resident.

This is Car-on-Demand. To put it differently: the most sustainable and flexible form of mobility.

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Our Mobility Partner

It’s that easy!

1st Sign up

After your one-time Sign up you will receive your ZebraCard, so you can start driving immediately.

2nd Choose

You can select the closest available ZebraMobil online or on your smartphone, or you pick it up spontaneously directly at roadside.

3rd Off you go

With your ZebraCard you unlock the ZebraMobil and find the key in the glove compartment. Just enter your PIN and off you go.

How does ZebraMobil work?

ZebraMobil works spontaneously and without fixed parking spots. You can use ZebraMobil anytime you need a car – no reservation required. And the ZebraCard is your universal key.
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How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is as simple as it gets: you only pay for the minutes you use your car – 25 ct. while driving and starting at 3 ct. when parked. And this is all-inclusive.
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