A car when you need it.

ZebraMobil is independent of fixed stations. That means vehicles need not be collected from a fixed parking slot or returned to one, but can be parked free of charge at the curb, exactly like cars with a residential parking permit.

However, each ZebraMobil is assigned to one specific parking zone to which the vehicle has to be returned at the end of a trip. Accordingly, just as with a private car one-way trips are not possible. Please find further explanations here.

Within a parking zone you may park the car on any resident parking space without a time restriction, i.e. on pure resident parking spaces as well as so-called “mixed parking spaces”. Besides, at the borders of parking zones you are also allowed to park on the opposite side of the road. In any case, there is a map in each car displaying the respective home parking zone.

Naturally, the car must not be parked in a No Parking area, in driveways or similar spots. If you happen to violate parking rules and as a consequence receive a parking ticket, you are also responsible for paying the fine.