A car when you need it.

Most of our cars are equipped with an automatic transmission and therefore have no clutch pedal. Even if you are not accustomed to driving an automatic transmission car, it is actually very easy: Just move the gearstick to D for driving forward, R for reverse, P for parking. To move the stick please press the pushbutton on the stick and the brake pedal at the same time.

To reduce fuel consumption and emissions, most of our cars feature an automatic start/stop function and thus automatically switch off the engine (under certain conditions) when standing still (e.g. at a traffic light or in a traffic jam). The car restarts the engine automatically as soon as you lift your foot off the brake pedal (automatic transmission) or depress the clutch pedal (manual transmission).

All ZebraMobiles are equipped with a GPS based navigation system. In order to use it, please press the NAV button on the instrument panel. Turn and push the large rotary knob to select the respective functions.

All our cars run on diesel fuel. If you need to fuel up, please use the DKV fuel card which you will find in the folder in the glove compartment. It is accepted at most gas stations across Europe. The nearest service station that accepts the DKV card can be found using the gas station locator on the DKV website (in German only). At checkout, please enter the mileage in kilometers and the fuel card’s PIN (not the PIN for your ZebraCard!). You will receive the PIN automatically via text message to your mobile phone once the fuel level drops to about half.

A hint: If the ignition key won’t turn, most likely the steering wheel lock is engaged. In this case move the steering wheel slightly while turning the key, and the key should free up immediately.