A car when you need it.

No smoking

Please do not smoke inside the vehicle.

No animals

On no account should you take animals or pets, whatever size they come, on board.


Please do not eat inside the vehicle. Moreover, please take out all personal belongings after finishing the trip, including any garbage. Please leave the vehicle as clean as you would like to find it for the next driver.

Trips abroad

You may drive the car abroad, but not within Eastern Europe. Please make sure to fully comply with all local regulations, especially outside Germany (e.g. obligatory road tax vignette in Austria or carrying alcohol test tubes in France).

Refuelling if necessary

Please always return the car with the fuel tank no less than one-quarter full. If you need to refuel the tank please use the fuel-card which you find in the glove compartment.

Proper Return within Parking Zone

Please park the car on the street in its respective parking zone in a parking space legal for residents and without temporary restrictions. Further, leave the ignition key and the fuel-card in the glove compartment and all other objects belonging to the car (such as parking permit, parking disc, ice scraper, operating manual, reflective vest, etc.) in the car. Please ensure that all lights are turned off and all windows are closed.

Reporting Accidents and Damages

Before embarking on a trip please check the vehicle for obvious damage. If you notice anything please phone us. In case anything happens during your trip, be it an accident, car trouble or something like that please inform us as quickly as possible. In case of an accident please also contact the police.

Travel safe and secure

Please use the car appropriately, and in particular not for motorsport events, driver trainings, vehicle tests, races or any comparable events and not on any surface unsuitable for cars.

Always treat the vehicle considerately, drive fuel-efficiently and above all drive safely!